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Business Insurance in California

We know you’re looking for someone to do a lot more than sell you a policy or two. With a wealth (get it?) of financial services to offer, we can help you protect your present wellbeing and your financial future. Let our dedicated professionals deliver the solutions you need to take the worry out of life’s what-ifs.

Our team has over seven decades of combined experience in the insurance industry. We can put this experience behind you to help you navigate every one of life’s twists and turns. Through our financial services, we can help you protect your most valuable assets – your health and your family – with top-tier solutions.

How much have you invested in the things your business owns? We’re not just talking about the money you’ve invested in equipment and inventory, either. We mean the time and energy you put into making sure you purchased the best services at the best price. Let us help you protect that hard work – plus your inventory, equipment, computers, furniture, and more – with building property insurance.

Lawsuits are everywhere. Even the smallest business is at risk for legal trouble in our litigious society, but there is good news; we can offer you insurance specifically designed to step in should you find yourself facing a lawsuit. We’ll customize a policy for you that will take the horror out of an otherwise nightmarish situation.

Not only is workers’ compensation legally required, it’s crucial for your business’s success. Without this type of policy in place, you would have to make the difficult decision to protect your employee after a workplace injury – or protect your bottom line. With it, your employee’s medical bills and lost wages are covered without pinching the company coffers!

The place at which you do business means a lot to you. You and your staff spend almost as much time there as you do at home (if not more!). This physical location serves as the foundation for your business, so it needs to be protected. With commercial building coverage, you can easily safeguard your business location.

Imagine a large umbrella covering your business, making sure that no matter what comes your way you’ve got a layer of protection over all of your assets. Now let us bring that fantasy to life with umbrella liability coverage. This type of policy is designed to fill potential gaps in your coverage, giving you the safeguard your hard work deserves.

Do you have additional exposures that keep you up at night? We can help alleviate that stressor with a policy that targets the risks you face, whether you sell a service or provide your clients with advice. If a disgruntled client decides to sue because they think you made an error or omitted important information, your policy can help you cover the costs.

You want to protect the key components of your business, and you know that there’s nothing more important than your team. We can help you craft an exciting employee benefits package that will not only help you keep your best staff long-term, but also help attract top-tier talent when you do need to hire.