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Navigating through the complex world of insurance and financial services can be a frustrating experience. You’re looking for answers to your questions, solutions to your problems, and security in a volatile world. And, when facing such sensitive issues as our changing economy and concerns over today’s legal climate, you want more than just someone to sell you insurance.

Since 1989, Wheatman Insurance Services LLC has been helping thousands of people, like you, make the right choices in selecting their insurance programs. We take the time and care to listen and learn about you and/or your business in order to tailor a program that satisfies your unique needs and exceeds your expectations. And, rest assured that since we represent and do business with over 250 quality insurance companies, we consistently deliver the ‘Peace of Mind’ you desire at a price that makes sense.

But, our “real work” begins when you become a valued client of our agency…

Our innovative “Total Risk and Asset Management” (TRAM) system leaves no doubt that we are committed to helping you guarantee your financial future. Instead of having to rely on one person’s limited knowledge of today’s complex insurance/financial arena, we provide you with a dedicated Team of Specialists who are trained to guide you through all facets of the insurance & financial risk planning process.

As you can see, the total stewardship of your valuable account at Wheatman Insurance Services LLC is accomplished by thoughtful design and orchestration. And, as one of the leading full-service, independent insurance agencies, we’re staffed by over 40 Insurance Professionals who share a common goal of protecting you, your family and your business from life’s risks.

We are grateful that you chose Wheatman Insurance Services LLC as your broker and we remain committed to providing you with the professionalism that earns clients’ trust, continued business and valuable referrals.

Mark G. Wheatman
Wheatman Insurance Services LLC